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Therapeutic Massage

This Type of Massage is very goal oriented. We will asses the concerns and build a treatment plan with your goals in mind. We will offer both on and off table work to help you achieve the best results

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue is not about adding pressure and pain but rather about working through the layers into the deeper structures. Deep tissue is working on the fascial layers and restrictions, creating movement in and around the joints, and accessing the deeper muscles to create a lasting change in the body. Deep tissue is great when we need to change the patterns of muscles and connective tissue.

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is the best known type of bodywork performed today. The primary goal of this style massage is to re focus on the mind & body connection. Swedish massage is all about relaxation. Picture a warm table and soft lights and soothing music. Forget about the day and really find your balance.

Sports Massage

The application of specific massage techniques to an athlete with the purpose of enhancing the athlete’s preparation for, or recovery from, the physical demands of training or competition. Sport Massage is applied through specific pre-event, inter-event, post-event and restorative/training massage techniques. Delivered on-site at an event or at the host or team health care clinic.

For more information about this style of massage and what we can do for individuals or teams come in a talk to us.